Liquid Chillers for Industry, Universities, Military, Digital Printing, Plastics Industry and more...

Laser Chillers - Chillers for Photonics

Laser Chillers - Industrial Laser Chillers

Opti Temp has applied innovative technology to many applications in the Photonics industry, including laser chillers. Industrial laser technology requires precision automated processing for high speed and high accuracy cutting, perforating, welding and other specialized processes.  Medical laser technology requires a broad range of parameters for diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications.  Medical lasers require reliable, precise temperature control (laser chillers) for optimal beam quality of the laser.  Opti Temp can provide fixed or portable installations, precise process fluid temperature control, and total fluid conditioning packages including pH, DI, UV and particulate filtration. Visit the OptiTemp website

Mobile Imaging  - Portable Chillers

Opti Temp has developed innovative rugged portable chiller designs in response to an increasing global demand for mobile applications.  Our chillers have been designed to withstand broad temperature extremes from desert to arctic with capabilities of accurate process heating and process cooling.

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Digital Printing  - Industrial Chillers

Opti Temp's cooling systems are used to cool the latest large scale commercial digital printers. This is the fastest growing area of the printing and publishing industry. These large high-speed digital printers are used by many of the larger printing companies to print books, magazines, or any printed on-demand media. These printers are set-up and printing in minutes or hours, providing quick turnaround.

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Military, Aerospace and Defense  - Military Chillers

Aerospace Defence - Military Chillers

Opti Temp provides custom design solutions in the aerospace and defense industry with specific application in security systems, integrated defense systems, military platform systems and high technology systems.  Opti Temp provides custom cooling solutions that can be transportable, rugged, supportable, affordable and “flight ready” with higher capacities as required in these targeted applications.

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University and Research Institutions - Laboratory Chillers and X-ray Chillers

Laboratory Chillers and X-ray chillers

Research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and universities turn to Opti Temp for their process cooling applications. From an individual test station to complete lab cooling Opti Temp, can provide either portable chillers or fixed cooling systems.  We provide reliable, precision control of the process fluid including temperature, volumetric flow, pressure and fluid quality. X-ray and Mass Spectrometer are analytical instruments that require heat removal and Opti Temp has cooling solutions for both, with laboratory chillers and X-ray Chillers. Visit the OptiTemp website


Industrial Chillers for the Semi-Conductor Industry

high speed cutting

Manufacture of semi-conductors is a control dependent process.  Opti Temp provides cooling systems capable of control temperature to a tenth of a degree centigrade using patented refrigeration circuitry.  Since tight control of conditions is a necessity, remote monitoring and process fluid quality management options are offered.

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Liquid Chillers for Food and Beverage Processing

high speed cutting

Food and beverage processing is a closely regulated industry requiring a high level of cleanliness with specially approved materials of construction. Opti Temp manufactures liquid chillers for food and beverage processing, using FDA and NSF approved materials that are capable of accurate temperature control and process fluid quality control to minimize or eliminate harmful organics.  These temperature control systems are able to heat and cool and can be designed for use with jacketed vessels.

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Chillers for the Plastics Industry

Temperature Control in the Plastics Industry

Chillers for the plastics industry is a large market and as a result Opti Temp has many temperature control products that provide versatility for the large range of plastics processes and equipment.  Opti Temp's chiller systems for the plastics industry are capable of heating or cooling, can be portable and water or air cooled.

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Liquid Chillers for the Wine Making Industry

Cooling Systems for Wineries and Wine Making

The wine industry has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years and Opti Temp has not missed the opportunity to grow with it.  We have designed a number of liquid chillers for local Michigan wine makers and are expanding throughout the country. These liquid chillers for the wine making industry have specific needs that require high harvest cooling capabilities, tight temperature control, and large capacities at low stabilization temperatures. Opti Temp's chillers for wine making can be used with jacketed vessels and tanks.

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